Our beliefs

We believe that business is never the purpose but only the tool we should use to achieve our ultimate purpose.

We believe that the ultimate purpose of business should be to solve the problems of our countries, continents and the world we trade in, and that if business does this at a profit, it will mean sustainable problem solving.

Our vision & purpose

To increase business success one project at a time, by building a network of people who share our beliefs and vision and have the skills to make businesses more successful.

Our values

Creating win-win relationships

If we can’t create a win-win relationship, we exit from the relationship.

Having a bigger purpose

We believe that we have a bigger purpose in life and in business, and we strive to consciously pursue this purpose. None of us can live without breathing but that does not mean that the purpose of life is to breathe. Similarly, we understand that no business can survive without profit and cash flow, but the purpose of business must be more then profit or money.

Adding real value

In our pursuit of our bigger purpose in business we strive to deliver real value which creates sustainable results that change lives and does not only tick boxes. We like to create value worth paying for.

Relying on trust

If our clients don't trust our advice we can have no impact on their business and if we have no impact on their business, they can't trust us to deliver value.

Driven by passion

We love to do what we do, because we are driven by the reason we do it.

How we do things

Keeping things simple

Simple does not mean less sophisticated. However, simple does mean that one needs to think carefully and understand fully before proposing a solution. We keep things simple as far as possible to ensure we focus our energy on the outcome and not the input.

Making it practical

Giving theoretical answers is always easier than giving practical ones, but implementing a practical solution delivers results. We strive to give practical solutions that ensure results rather than giving thick reports filled with theory.

Aligning with the bigger picture

We understand that any business must operate as a unit. The best performing businesses in the world are those with focus and that have aligned the entire business with the overall business strategy. We therefore always consider the bigger picture, which is the overall strategy of the business.

Being innovative

We constantly challenges accepted thinking and strive to create new and improved ways of working, which generates better and more sustainable results over time.

What we do

We assist our clients with developing and implementing their strategy and to address any strategic gaps to deliver on their strategy. Most of the strategic gaps preventing the implementation and execution of a business strategy normally forms part of the following focus areas:

What our clients think of us

“Appointing Grovation as consultants proved to be a critical success factor in ensuring fiscal integrity for our organisation.” Philip J Krawitz - Protector of the Ikamva Labantu Charitable Trust

Our solutions

We provide focused business advice in the following key areas:

  • People & Talent Advice – embedding a high performance culture in your business which supports the execution of your business strategy
  • Technology Advice – helping you to select the best-fit technology to build a platform for growth by supporting your strategy
  • Finance Function Advice – increasing the effectiveness of your finance function to enable better decision making and to improve control and reporting timelines
“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often." Winston Churchill